• TV Movie: Montage
  • Romaji: Montaju Sanoku en Jiken Kitan
  • Japanese: モンタージュ 三億円事件奇譚
  • Director: Naruhide Mizuta
  • Writer: Jun Watanabe (manga),Sumio Omori
  • Network: Fuji TV
  • Episodes: 2
  • Release Date: June 25 - June 26, 2016
  • Runtime: Saturday & Sunday 21:00-23:10
  • Language: Japanese
  • Country: Japan


In 2009, Yamato Narumi (Sota Fukushi) is a 3rd grade high school student in Nagasaki, Japan. Yamato and his friend Miku Odagiri (Kyoko Yoshine) find an old man, Akira Shoji (Teruyuki Kagawa), stabbed and lying in the street. The old man tells Yamato that his father is the criminal in the 300 million yen case. That night, Yamato’s father, Tetsuya (Toshiaki Karasawa) disappears and 3 days later his body is found drowned in Tokyo. Yamato and Miku find themselves caught in a whirlwind centered around the still unsolved stolen 300 million yen case from 1968.


  1. Based on the manga series "Sanoku en Jiken Kitan Montaju SINCE 1968.12.10" by Jun Watanabe (published from June 7, 2010 to February 16, 2015 in Weekly Young Magazine).
  2. Although the original manga series is fictional, the unsolved 300 million yen case in the story is an actual true event (occurred December 10, 1968).
  3. Related titles (stories involving the unsolved "300 million yen robbery case"):
    1. Hatsukoi (2006)
    2. Lost Crime -Senkou- (2010)
    3. Montage (Fuji TV / 2016)


Montage (SP)-Sota Fukushi.jpgMontage (SP)-Kyoko Yoshine.jpgMontage (SP)-Hitori Gekidan.jpgMontage (SP)-Kenichi Endo.jpg
Sota FukushiKyoko YoshineHitori GekidanKenichi Endo
Yamato NarumiMiku OdagiriTaisei SuzukiJiro Sekiguchi
Montage (SP)-Mari Natsuki.jpgMontage (SP)-Teruyuki Kagawa.jpgMontage (SP)-Toshiaki Karasawa.jpgMontage (SP)-Toshiyuki Nishida.jpg
Mari NatsukiTeruyuki KagawaToshiaki KarasawaToshiyuki Nishida
Gibuson KyokoAkira ShojiTetsuya NarumiShinnosuke Sawada
Additional Cast Members:


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