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Kaze Matsukichi is a drama producer with a beautiful wife Futaba. However, he also nine mistresses. One day, Kanda Kumi, a receptionist at the TV station who is having an affair with him, gets called out by a phone call she receives from an unfamiliar number. Stage actress Yukino Kayo shows up and tells Kumi the shocking truth. Kumi does not even have time to be stunned as she gets embroiled in a fierce battle between Kaze’s subordinate, Yagami Miu, who happened to be there, and Kayo. Furthermore, the young actress Aiba Shino whom Kaze is casting in his new drama also shares a secret with Kaze … … His wife and mistresses have an inkling about each other’s existence, but they just cannot leave him even though they are fully aware that he is a philanderer. Then one day, they plot to murder him.


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